What is Dramatherapy?

What is Dramatherapy?

Dramatherapy is an expressive form of psychotherapy which uses creative mediums in order to communicate and explore feelings and issues.

Dramatherapy is not about performing and no previous experience or interest in performing arts or drama is necessary.


All the work is confidential as with any form of psychotherapy or counselling. 


Dramatherapy is an evidence based approach and one of the four recognised and accredited Creative Arts Psychotherapies (Drama, Dance & Movement, Art and Music). In the UK Dramatherapists are required to complete recognised professional training at MA level in order to work, as well as registration with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). Only those who fulfil these criteria can use the title Dramatherapist. 


Although Dramatherapy has been around since before the 1960’s, due to substantial research in the last two decades it is now seen readily in many settings including:


Mainstream Schools

Special Schools

Mental Health Settings

NHS & Private Hospitals


Voluntary Sector

Adult Care Homes

Child Care Homes

Young Carers Organisations

Adoption and fostering agencies


Dramatherapy offers people of all ages and ability the opportunity to work creatively with their thoughts and feelings through play, stories, drawing , poetry and text, painting, clay , music, role play, improvisation, mask work, movement, puppetry and sand tray work. Working within the metaphor can mean the person can explore the trauma without being re-traumatised.



Safe environment


The Dramatherapist creates a safe contained environment for the person to explore what they desire at their own pace. They work alongside that person to help them find an understanding, to build resilience and confidence through building the therapeutic relationship.


What are the differences between Drama and Education and Dramatherapy


Dramatherapy is a psychological therapy. This means that the process of the therapy and the relationship between the client and the therapist are of prime importance. During their training, Dramatherapists gain an in-depth understanding of how to combine the art form with psychotherapy practice.