Private Practice


Private Practice



Clients are seen in a specially designated counselling room at the Orchard Centre, 12 Lemon Street, Truro where there is a selection of art materials, toys, puppets, materials, sand tray and more!


The first session is used to meet the person/child who is looking for help, for them to meet the therapist, hear about what they are finding difficult and agree aims for the work. An assessment will be completed by the therapist . This is also an opportunity for the client to ask the therapist questions about how she works and what things that they might do together. When the appointment is made Vicki will discuss this further.


Please do call if you would like to speak to Vicki about starting. There is no obligation to begin working. It is vital that the person/child feels that Vicki is the right person to help them.

The work is confidential unless the person/child discloses that someone is hurting them or they are hurting someone else and in this case the therapist would have to pass this information on to the relevant people.


Private Dramatherapy Rates.






Individual Dramatherapy Session 1 hr £45


Students & Trainees: £40


Group Dramatherapy Session (60-90 min): £25




Children and Adolescents




Individual Dramatherapy Session 1hr £45.00

Clinical Report £40.00

TAC meetings attended: £40.00 per hour.


Small Group Dramatherapy Sessions 60-90 min (max 6 children): £25 per person



If you are seeking Dramatherapy for a child and cannot afford the above rates, please contact me for more information.


Please note that group therapy costs are to be paid monthly in advance. Individual therapy must be paid weekly.


Accepted methods of payment: Cash, Cheque or bank transfer .